Hello, My name is Paulami and yes just as different my name is, my taste of food is different as well. I have lived across various states in India over last several years owing to which I take keen interest in the food habits, cooking styles and ingredients used in different regions. I strongly support Eating Right Food and not dieting.

I feel dieting is a fad and one never ends up keeping pace with it. When I say eating right food, it means making right changes to your daily dietary habits which is more long term. And that’s what my blog is all about. All my recipes are the healthy adaptations of the local or international cuisines and are extremely easy ones with details steps to be followed. I hope you enjoy cooking them just as much as I have loved cooking and feeding friends and family with these recipes.

I have a keen interest in discovering ways in which we can train or re-engineer our brain cells to start thinking or eating right food and am still in the path of understanding this. Do write to me if you have any interesting ideas that I can include in this journey.

I have recently moved to a beautiful country called Netherlands and hope to spread the Indian food roots in the country by teaching easy cooking styles for different interest groups.

If you are interested in learning Indian Cooking – the easy way and yes of course the healthier way, do write to me.

Much Love!